Now there’s no excuses for poor board performance

Insync has just achieved a world first with the release of its new global online benchmarked board survey business trading as Board Benchmarking. Board Benchmarking provides affordable, validated, world-class, benchmarked board and director effectiveness surveys that are designed for organisations of all shapes and sizes right across the globe. Prices range between $1,850 to $6,450, with optional extras available including independent professional advice.

“We have been helping larger ASX listed, private, government and not-for-profit companies for years,” said Nicholas Barnett, Executive Chairman, Insync and Board Benchmarking. “As more and more SME’s, clubs and associations have asked for our help, we designed cut-down, fit-for-purpose, board effectiveness surveys for them too, all still based on our robust evidence-based framework. For example, we have recently completed a board effectiveness survey for a Football Netball Club on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and a similar one for an Employee Association in Malawi.”

Board Benchmarking has also carried out close to 300 board surveys, mainly in Australia and some in New Zealand and Africa, and has recently carried out surveys for around a dozen boards of some of the largest organisations in Mauritius with the support of BDO Mauritius. Board Benchmarking has also recently been launched in London through board and risk specialists, Halex Consulting.

Organisations buy the board and/or director survey that best suits their needs and have the option of arranging for professional advice to assist them in interpreting and acting on the results from one of Board Benchmarking growing global network of Board Advisory Partners.

In early 2020, Board Benchmarking refined its benchmarked Board Effectiveness Survey following an independent validation process by Deakin University to establish psychometrically defensible dimensions of board functioning that can be used to reliably evaluate board performance. The refinement process also included a detailed review of contemporary board literature which resulted in some additional dimensions. The new dimensions and refined survey items are reflected in the current survey and benchmarked report.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The benchmarked reports that are provided following completion of the survey show if your board is in the top quartile (green), middle 50 percent (beige) or in the bottom quartile (red) in relation to each survey item, each of the 20 dimensions of effectiveness and in relation to your board’s overall effectiveness.

“With Board Benchmarking’s new online range of affordable, validated, world-class, benchmarked board surveys, organisations of all shapes and sizes can no longer excuse poor performance or ineffectiveness. We stand for better boards, and a better organisation,” Nicholas Barnett said.

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