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Board Effectiveness Survey

We have developed two world-class benchmarked Board Effectiveness Surveys, one of which will almost certainly suit your organisation no matter its size, industry or geography. Boards of large and small banks, other listed companies, private companies, government entities and not for profit organisations have used our Board Effectiveness Survey as part of a board evaluation to help them improve their board's performance.

Director Effectiveness Survey

Our bespoke survey technology enables all directors to rate their own effectiveness, as well as the effectiveness of their colleagues, and to provide constructive comments for each director all in one simple and unobtrusive survey. Executives who know the directors well can also complete the survey. Resulting Director Effectiveness Reports are produced and provided to the Chair to share with and discuss with each director.

Our easy 5 step process

Step 1

You select surveys and any optional extras

You pay (then you receive a form to complete).

Step 2

 You complete the form (survey open and close dates, email addresses, who to receive reports, etc.)

Your job is done – we take over from here

Step 3

We send out surveys, any reminder emails and close surveys

We regularly advise you of progress

Step 4

We prepare benchmarked report(s) and any scorecard(s)

We send you a secure link to access the report(s) and any scorecard(s)

Step 5 (optional)

We analyse report(s) and any scorecard(s) and provide expert advice, if requested

We do interviews and any other review procedures requested

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Select from one of our six most popular fit-for-purpose, affordable, world-class surveys which include two Board Effectiveness Surveys, two Director Effectiveness Surveys and two Leadership Team Effectiveness Surveys that will suit almost every organisation.

Why Board Benchmarking

Our survey prices range from AUD$4,950 for a SME through to AUD$6,750 for larger listed or non-listed organisations.

We are not aware of any other Board Effectiveness Survey anywhere in the world that has been through the same independent validation process that our survey has been through.

Our board survey framework uses the world recognised WhatWhoHowDo framework and includes the 20 most important dimensions of a board’s effectiveness. Our Director Effectiveness Survey uses innovative technology to make it much easier to complete than similar surveys.

Our board surveys use an innovative benchmarking approach that quickly identifies if your board is in the top quartile, middle 50 percent or in the bottom quartile in relation to each survey item, each of the 20 dimensions of effectiveness and overall.

Board Benchmarking has a growing global network of specialist Board Advisory Partners that can assist with director and executive interviews, separate reports and executive summaries, chair and board debriefs, and workshops and action planning sessions.