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Board Benchmarking is a division of Insync. Board Benchmarking’s vision is to help lift the governance of organisations across the globe because we believe better boards means better organisations.

We will achieve our bold aspiration by

  • Supporting a global network of established Board Advisory Partners to enhance and grow their businesses by helping them improve the evidence-based insights and practical advice they provide to their clients when they use our validated, world class benchmarked governance surveys
  • Partnering with industry and other associations to help improve the governance of their constituents and stakeholders by providing them with affordable, world class benchmarked governance surveys with the option of obtaining specialist professional advice from one of our Board Advisory Partners.

A solid foundation

Board Benchmarking was established in 2005 to help lift governance across the world by developing and providing world class governance surveys to clients. Fifteen years later we have helped more than 250 boards understand how they are benchmarked overall and in the 20 most important areas for a board’s effectiveness. In the words of our clients, our surveys are “surprisingly accurate” and “highlight hot spots very quickly and easily”.

During early 2020 we refined our benchmarked Board Effectiveness Survey following an independent validation process by Deakin University to establish psychometrically defensible dimensions of board functioning that can be used to reliably evaluate board performance. The process also included a detailed review of contemporary board literature which also added some additional dimensions. The new dimensions and refined survey items are reflected in our current survey and benchmarked report.

We have also helped hundreds of directors understand how others rate them compared with their own ratings and how the ratings of them compare with the ratings of other directors. The areas where they add the greatest value to their board and the suggestions others have for them are also included. As directors continue to improve their effectiveness that also helps continuously improve their effectiveness of their board and the functioning of their organisation.

Our values

Our values are our organisation’s way of life. We embrace, reinforce and live by them to succeed, to overcome challenges, lead change and evolve. Our values form and shape our organisation’s culture and DNA and make us distinctively Board Benchmarking.

We always look ahead and think creatively with purpose and bravery

We use a collaborative mindset to underpin all we do internally and with our Distribution Partners and their clients

We meet our commitments to our Distribution Partners, to their clients and to each other

We discover and speak the truth to our Distribution Partners, their clients and each other, with respect and integrity

We set high expectations for ourselves and others, and are passionate about achieving success

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