Nicholas Barnett’s ABC interview reveals 25% of boards are dysfunctional 

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In an exclusive ABC interview, Senior Business Correspondent Peter Ryan engages in a discussion with Nicholas Barnett, the Executive Chairman of Board Benchmarking, regarding our latest report titled ‘Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later.’ This comprehensive report, which examined 500 boards, unveils a startling revelation: a significant 25 per cent of these boards exhibit dysfunction, and what’s even more surprising, many of these boards are unaware of their own dysfunction.

As shareholders prepare to voice their concerns at Qantas’ annual general meeting, Nicholas and Peter suggest that it serves as a valuable case study. The report’s findings on dysfunctional boards shed light on the broader challenges and issues that corporate boards, including those at Qantas, may need to address in order to ensure effective governance and decision-making.

Click here to listen to the interview on ABC or Click Here to listen to the full discussion.

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