Strategy Effectiveness Survey

Why conduct a Strategy Effectiveness Survey?

One of the board’s most important roles is to provide leadership and influence over the long-term direction and strategy of the organisation they govern.

Many boards, CEOs and/or executive teams tell us they don’t have an objective view as to how effective their organisation is at planning, developing, executing, and monitoring their strategy. And if they think their organisation does have an objective view as to which areas of strategy they excel at and which areas they could improve in that view is rarely shared by all directors and/or executives.

Board Benchmarking created a Strategy Effectiveness Survey to provide boards, CEOs and executive teams with an objective view as to the effectiveness of how they deal with strategy. Our Strategy Effectiveness Survey helps boards, CEOs and executive teams:

  • Understand what areas of strategy they excel at, what areas they are OK at and the areas they could most improve
  • Determine the extent of the alignment between the board, CEO and executives concerning strategy, the areas where the extent of alignment most diverges and to have hard discussions to build alignment
  • Reach alignment around the areas of their organisation’s strategy that could be improved and develop a road map towards such improvement.

Our Strategy Effectiveness Framework

Our Strategy Effectiveness Framework reflects the fact that boards, CEOs and executive teams are likely to excel at strategy if they:

  • Build a strong foundation for their strategy. This includes deep strategic thinking and embedding strategy
  • Have rigorous processes and appropriate resources for the development and approval of strategy. This includes appropriate engagement of the Board, CEO and executive team
  • Communicate and execute their strategy well with careful monitoring using well-designed metrics. Alignment around the key strategic priorities is also important.
Strategy Effectiveness Framework - Board Benchmarking

Strategy Effectiveness Survey

If you would like your board and/or executive team to complete our Strategy Effectiveness Survey and receive detailed reporting please contact us. One of our Global Board Advisory Partners can also provide expert advice to help you interpret your Strategy Effectiveness Report.

If you would like one of our Global Board Advisory Partners to facilitate a Strategy Day/Workshop for your board and/or executive team or assist with other strategy-related matters please contact us.

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