ESG Surveys

Why conduct an ESG Survey?

Our ESG Surveys are designed to help boards, CEOs and executive teams navigate their journey from where they are to become holistic in their approach to ESG. Our ESG surveys recognise that ESG is a journey that will take most organisations at least three to five years to achieve the transformation that many aspire to achieve.

Knowing where your organisation is at and where it aspires to be in relation to ESG means understanding:

  • Your organisation’s current level of ESG maturity across five important dimensions of ESG and what you aspire that maturity level to be in, say, three years
  • Your organisation’s level of ESG capability and the extent that it supports the transformation that will be required to achieve your ESG aspirations
  • What constitutes best practice and to what extent is your organisation achieving such.

Our ESG Frameworks

We have developed two ESG frameworks that are explained in detail in our ESG Whitepaper. As explained below, our ESG Frameworks have been used to develop our ESG Surveys.

Our ESG Maturity Matrix Framework

ESG Sustainability Maturity Matrix

Our ESG Transformation Plan Framework

ESG Maturity | Board Benchmarking

Our 3 ESG Surveys

We have three ESG Surveys which have been designed to work well with each other, and which taken together will guide you and help you course correct on your journey to achieve your ESG aspirations.

To find out more about each of our 3 ESG Surveys please click the link to the relevant survey below

If you’d like to talk to one of our ESG experts or our Global Sustainability Advisor, Dr Sugumar Mariappanadar about ESG or any of our surveys please contact us.

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