Release of “Golf Club Governance in Australia” report

Melbourne, Victoria – Golf Australia and Board Benchmarking’s sister brand Board Surveys are proud to announce the release of a pivotal report titled “Golf Club Governance in Australia: 4 Steps to Better Outcomes.” Authored by Jeff Blunden of Golf Business Advisory Services (GBAS) and Nicholas Barnett of Board Surveys,, this comprehensive study provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of governance across Australian golf clubs and offers practical recommendations for enhancing board performance and club sustainability.

Regarding the report, James Sutherland, CEO of Golf Australia, said, “In the dynamic landscape of Australian golf, governance and leadership are key pillars of our industry’s growth aspirations. Over the last five years, we’ve seen a surge in participation which has created both opportunities and challenges for golf clubs.  We congratulate GBAS and Board Surveys on their initiative in delivering this timely research. It reminds us that golf club governance in Australia could be much better and provides a valuable resource for golf club leaders who are committed to performance improvement and business sustainability.”

Report authors Nicholas and Jeff stated that “good governance is the cornerstone of any successful club.” Right now, however, there is a real opportunity for alignment between boards and management to be improved, this alignment helping to drive overall board effectiveness.

Based on the perspectives of the Chairs and GMs surveyed, one of the key issues emerging is the understanding of director roles and responsibilities and how their role differs from the role of management.

The report recommends four key areas of opportunity to deal with these most common board shortcomings and to improve the effectiveness of golf clubs across Australia.

The report was officially launched at two sold-out industry forums last week, where attendees could discuss its findings and recommendations.

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