The 10 Best Ways to Improve Your Board

10 best ways to improve your board

Board Benchmarking Executive Chairman, Nicholas Barnett recently hosted a webinar sharing his knowledge gained from inside some of the 180 boards he has reviewed to provide the 10 best ways to improve your board.

  1. Right structure, composition and renewal
  2. Focus on purpose, value creation and sustainability
  3. Add value – in addition to oversight
  4. Set a high “Tone from the Top”
  5. Distinguish between the role of the board and management
  6. Build strong relationships and dynamics
  7. Effective board reporting and meeting management
  8. Right committees to support the board’s work
  9. Talent management and succession planning
  10.   Embed continuous improvement – including your own

Watch the recorded webinar below

10 best ways to improve your board

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