Shining a light on the dark shadows of board culture conference

Join Dr Susan Mravlek at the upcoming Better Boards Conference 2024

We are excited to announce that Dr. Susan Mravlek, Principal of Board Benchmarking and Insync, will be a featured guest speaker at the upcoming Better Boards conference. The presentation, ‘Shining a Light on the Dark Shadows of Board Culture‘, promises to offer profound insights into the often overlooked dynamics that can affect board performance and cohesion.

Conference details:

A key networking and professional development exercise, the Better Boards Conference is a two-day event that focuses specifically on governance and leadership knowledge for board members, CEOs and directors of not-for-profit organisations.

The Challenge of Modern Board Dynamics

Boards today are under immense pressure to perform at the highest levels while navigating a complex landscape of stakeholder expectations, economic uncertainties, and regulatory demands. These pressures can lead to dysfunction, characterised by hidden hierarchies, power imbalances, and poor communication. Dr. Mravlek’s presentation will delve into these intricate dynamics, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how these factors shape board culture and impact organisational success.

By examining the root causes and manifestations of maladaptive behaviour, Dr. Mravlek will provide actionable insights to help boards foster a culture of psychological safety, resilience, and sustained success.

About Dr. Susan Mravlek

Dr. Mravlek brings a wealth of experience and deep qualitative research expertise to the conference. With a PhD in Business from the University of Tasmania and a Master of Applied Science in Organisational Dynamics from RMIT University in Melbourne, she has dedicated the last decade to studying the impacts of disruptive events on organisational culture. Her work focuses on identifying and addressing the hidden polarities within board processes to enhance behaviours and dynamics across various sectors.

Learn more about Better Boards and Susan’s upcoming presentation here: Shining a Light on the Dark Shadows of Board Culture – Better Boards

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